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Even Squids Have to Sleep

In a brief, very brief, update on things in the writing world of Arachne Enterprises, here’s the scoop.  Squidoo is my ongoing writing effort.  It keeps me putting pen to paper while my various stories and books ruminate and congeal.  My current book of short stories, A Voice From An Inner World, will soon have a mate, Of Black Holes and Universes.  In the upcoming collections of stories, the focus will be on intro pieces for the novels / novellas I’m working on. Of course, I’ll throw in a few completely off the wall stories as well.  FYI, the shorts related to books will include bits from Satine Steele, Rabiyah Hamnach, and Montrée Whiles.  I’ve been working on the short story intro for, The Need For Sleep [working title], a mystery story.  Have you considered writing for Squidoo?


News from the Land of Squidoo

I’m still doing the Squidoo thing.  I had a personal matter take priority for a week or two, but hope to get back to doing about three or four lenses a week soon.  I’ve made 20 lenses (articles) so far.  Currently I don’t write to a specific niche.  Join Squidoo yourself to scratch your writer’s itch.  Currently I’m in Rocketsquids as a new writer on Squidoo.  Once I reach 25 lenses, I will graduate.  I’ll be really dangerous then.  ;)

11. Long Shadows ~ A Book Review

12. Wilting Lily or Melting Mama

13. Salsa, ‘Nuff Said ~ A Recipe

14. Taco Soup ~ A Recipe

15. Business Writing

16. Dune ~ A Book Review

17. Not-So-Irish Shepherd’s Pie ~ A Recipe

18. Equilibrium:  A Review ~ A Movie Review

19. A Quare Green Day, It Is ~ A St. Pat’s Scribble

20. Kristin Lavransdatter:  A Review ~ A Book Review


21. A Shine of Rainbows:  Movie Review ~ A  Movie Review

22. Why I Like Getting Muddy

23. Self Editing for Fiction Writers ~ A Book Review

24. How To Make Iced Tea ~ A Recipe

25. The Wonder Bag ~ A Product Review



Squidooing It

I signed up for a Squidoo account February 5 of this year.  I’ve been looking for an outlet for writing that may also be a source of a few nickles and dimes.  It never hurts to dream, right?  So far, I’m liking Squidoo.  I’ve made 10 lenses (articles) with only one having been locked (soon to be remedied).  Currently I don’t write to a specific niche.  Join Squidoo yourself to scratch your writer’s itch.

1.   Dark Shadows by Grace DeLuca A Book Review

2.   Keeping Track of Passwords

3.   The Little Things of Love

4.   10 Amusing Things About Aging

5.   The King’s Speech A Movie Review

6.   Southwestern Soft Tacos A Recipe

7.   Room on the Broom A Book Review

8.   Lap Gear Media Lapdesk A Product Review

9 .  Wireless USB Adapter A Product Review

10. Bottle to Pen: B2P A Product Review


11. Long Shadows A Book Review

12. Wilting Lily or Melting Mama

13. Salsa, ‘Nuff Said A Recipe

14. Taco Soup A Recipe

15. Business Writing

16. Dune A Book Review

17. Not-So-Irish Shepherd’s Pie A Recipe

18. Equilibrium:  A Review A Movie Review

19. A Quare Green Day, It Is A St. Pat’s Scribble

20. Kristin Lavransdatter:  A Review A Book Review



I completed my three posts for a little over a week ago.  It’s a waiting game now.  Once I “graduate” from the Petting Zu, my profile URL will be:  I’ll keep you posted.

Just Stoppin’ By

Thought I’d wander in to say hi.  I am coming down from an NIAD high.  NIAD aka, Novel in a day, is a fun day I’ve spent about this time of year as far back as 2011.  About 25 authors around the globe get together to do what was, until now, impossible.  We produce a novel in the span of one day.  Yes, that’s one day read 24 hours.

cover imageYou’ll find this year’s efforts, here, 2013.

I found this year’s effort to be the most fun yet, the most easy to do and the best organized.  I think this has been a learning experience for both the writers and the organizer, the amazing Pigfender.

We hold our meetings on Literature and Latté in the forum area.  I found this quite by accident two years ago when I decided to get serious about writing.  I had just discovered Scrivener software software and was doing a bit more research on it.  So, while tooling way in the forum, I stumbled upon NIAD, as we fondly call it.  So, since then I’ve looked forward to the annual day of camaraderie, lobbed humour, and secret plots.  You’ll recognize my avatar below (or one similar) when you visit the forums.

the fool avatar AMontrée Whiles

Previous efforts are found here, 2012 and 2011.

As for my current writing efforts, they’ve been a bit on hold.  Rabiyah is still working on Adrianna, though rather slowly.  Works by Montrée and Satine are all but on hold.  Real life has been a bit of a pisser of late and I’m working fast and furiously around broken crowns and visual challenges to get back on track.

I’m Dish’n The Book

Please visit my blog post on Jamallah Bergman’s page.

Get Hosted On My WordPress Blog

Need more exposure for your books. This is a good opportunity to do so.

Montrée Whiles just submitted a short-short to WD Your Story Competition (“Bobo and the Coconut Tree” short-short version) . In work are: “Bloodily Discharged” (moving along slowly), “Pumpkin Head” (not moving very much), “The Wind Time” (not moving at all), The Need for Sleep (not moving), and “Graduation Day” (not moving at all). “Of Black Holes and Universes” is the next short story collection. I’ve recently added the longer version of Bobo and the Coconut Tree to it.

In work for Satine Steele is, “The Mountain Wilds.” This will end up being int The Short Story collection I hope to have out in fall.  An idea on the table is a single mom with a black belt in martial arts.

Rabiyah Hamnach is making head way on “Adrianna.” Up to chapter 6 with about 6K words per chapter. This is all very rough pending the first major revision.

Me on Facebook


Guest Blogging Today

Today I’m guest blogging on Jennifer Loiske’s blog.


Upcoming Events and Publications

It’s been a while since I’ve posted.  The demands of RL is all I can offer in the way of an excuse.  I have two guest blog posts coming up.

March 4th-9th I’ll be guesting on Jennifer Loiske’s blog:  I’ll post the direct link as soon as I have it.

April 4th, I’ll be guesting at Grinelda Markowitz’s blog:  I’ll post the direct link for that when I have it.

Rabiyah Hamnach is working on, Adrianna.   Stay abreast of updates here:

Montrée Whiles is working on new short stories for her next collection of short stories.  She’s also working on Bloodily Discharged, The Wind Time, “Graduation Day,” “The Need for Sleep,” and Pumpkin Head.   Stay abreast of updates here:

Satine Steele is working on The Mountain Wilds.  Stay abreast of updates here:

So, as you can see, there’s little inactivity around the homestead.

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