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Check Out My Hubs

I’ve settled in nicely to HubPages and am enjoying the new community. Finally, I’ve gotten some of the old lenses converted over to HubPages. Check them out here.

It’s almost time for NIAD (Novel In A Day) again. There are still spaces open. Check it out here.

Hubbin’ It Isn’t So Bad At All

My lenses* were moved over on the 8th. I’ve not started getting them up and going yet. Twelve hub**s. That’s right. I have 12 hubs up. Some were lenses I brought over manually and the others are new hubs. HubPages is great. My experience at Squidoo trained me well. This unexpected turn of events can only be to my benefit, at least it has been so far. Check out my hubs.

Hospice training took up my last weekend. Clay will take up the coming weekend. Since my surgery, I’ve turned to flab. All that fat and muscle I sported before is nowhere to be seen. So, I’m flabby now. I’ve got an appointment at the gym tomorrow for an evaluation. Just what I need, another black hole for time.

Just as I’m constantly having one thing or another crop up to devour what little free time I have, it seems I’ll never shake having to put in the 9-5 every day. But, at least the mystery of what I’ll be doing as of the 1st of October has been solved. I’ll be moving to another team in the same department. Just so you know. The department dropped the bomb last May that all but two positions would be going away. Yikes, like I really gave a ratz patootie anyway.

It’s been on the top of my list to transfer to another department for a while. I want scrubs and sneakers back in my life. I”m tired of having to cobble something together in the morning to wear to work. Dress codes suck, except when I’m going to the symphony. But, then here, people even where flip-flops to the symphony. Go figure. I want a night shift and I would prefer to be on the main campus instead of an outlying building. At least the digs will be nice when I move over.

I guess now you have the picture that my life has been a little topsy-turvy of late. The bills from the surgery have hit. Summer is almost over. The car is threatening to go on the blink at any moment. The good thing in all this chaos is that my sticking to getting the maintenance done. Afterall, it’s what my rent pays for, right. Even that eyesore of a refrigerator was replaced. I guess going to the BBB when neither the corporate or leasing offices seem to be rallying will get you everywhere.

Hope all is copacetic in your neck of the woods. Two recommendations for you before I sign off. One, HubPages, and two, StorEnvy. My blogger could use some love as well, please give it a follow.

*A lens is an article posted to Squidoo.
*A hub is an article posted to HubPages.

Have you heard the news?!

Squidoo is moving to HubPages. Though I’ll miss Squidoo and all the great people I’ve met there, I’ve not wasted any time looking ahead to the move. You’ll find me here:

Also, check out  my new store front: I’m gradually moving in over there. I’ve expanded my interests to include prayer beads and cellini jewelry. I’ve got pots to glaze this week and am working on beads and thangs for the kiln. I now have an option to do raku and saggar fire.

The day job is going away [no comment]. I hope to either move to another position with the same organization or move on to something else. There has to be something in this town which I can enjoy during the 8-10hrs of the day that are slotted for work.

Writing is on hold to a degree. But I’m still pecking at it. The attempt at working with a few folks to start a writing group fizzled. I need a group with a true focus on writing and dedication to contributing their work and commentary on the work of others. I have so little free time that it doesn’t work for me to show up to a meeting with no clearly defined focus or have one person dominate the conversation or another not motivated enough to produce work to share. That said, I’m looking at other options in that area. I believe strongly everyone can contribute in a meaningful way to a group no matter what the demographics of the members are.

Preview Up

A Chat and a Cuppa with Author Erica Miner

Today’s visit is with Erica Miner, author of novel, Murder in the Pit.  Take a moment to read the full interview on Squidoo.

I read this book as soon as I could get my hands on a copy.  I had seen it promoted in an eMag over a year ago and knew I just had to read it.  I’ve always appreciated classical music, opera and other artistic presentations.  Having been in the trenches, Erica’s writing reflects that rich culture and its influence.  While reading this clever mystery, I could just as easily been sitting in a seat at the Met, her writing style is that visual.  The pace is quick and there’s sweet romance (if not a little terse in places), and most importantly a knotty puzzle to unravel.

How do you keep yourself motivated to write? Writing is my passion; there’s nothing else I love to do quite as much. So motivation is not usually a problem. I just have all these stories to tell. Why wait?  Erica Miner, see full interview.

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And, When You Are Visited By A Giant Squid …

… offer them lady fingers.

#squidoo #arachnea

I’m up to thirty-five Squidoo articles (lenses), thirty-three trophies (experience badges) and have reached level fifty-five.  A return to work is looming over head, so I’m trying to keep my spirits up.  It seems I’m constantly being reminded (not that I forget) what a great community Squidoo can be.  It, like so many things, is what you make of it, but even the littlest effort reaps great reward on Squidoo and that’s even before I am eligible to start earning for my efforts as well.  Please take a look see at my Giant Squid post.  Considering joining Squidoo, click this link now.

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31. My 8 Favorite Detective Shows ~ A Review

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33. Quinoa Tabbouleh ~ A Recipe

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35. The Well-Cared-For Blister ~ A Giant Squid Lens

36. Virtual Interview: Murder in the Pit Author Erica Miner

37. Look Ma! No Bowl Brush! ~ A Product Review

38. Whodunit Fiction

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40. 12 Things That Made Life Easier As A Newbie On Squidoo


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Writing by Montrée Whiles, Satine Steele, and Rabiyah Hamnach

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