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Sipping Sustainability: Green Breweries and Wineries on the Rise

Arachne Enterprises:

Looks like more is going green than just the local nursery.

Originally posted on Flavorful World: a Food, Wine, and Spirits Blog:

sippingsustainablyheaderIt’s no secret that breweries and wineries consume large quantities of water, raw materials, and natural resources. Likewise, the environmental impact of producing, packaging, and selling the 9.4 billion gallons of alcoholic beverages that American consume annually is something understood all too well. This is why more breweries and wineries are taking decisive action to reduce their industry’s environmental footprint. And while no beer or wine company is yet 100% sustainable, a growing number of eco-friendly enterprises are finding crucial ways to mitigate environmental damage. The infographic below was created by our friends and yours at Custom Made, and an accompanying article by author Abby Quillen shows some examples of steps being taken by alcohol producers with a mind toward taking care of our planet.


The piece goes on to offer up valuable assistance on understanding various eco-conscious terminology and what is meant by certain labeling claims we’ve all…

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Jaquo And Me: 02/01/2015

Jaquo is an online magazine which features new information and articles every day. You can find my articles here.

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Arachnea’s Corner of the World

I’ve gotten my new website up and running finally. Please visit me at: It’s still under construction, so wear a hardhat.

Top Text Editing Software for Writers by a Writer

I’ve dabbled with writing for years, since high school actually. I’m not certain why I didn’t pursue it for a career when I left high school. I think I had so many issues to deal with when I first got out on my own, I didn’t know which way was up. Then I did military service. All through that time until November 2011, when I decided to pursue writing seriously, I penned the occasional something that was more than just a note or to-do list.

Oddly enough, it was when I started reconnecting with high school friends that I started thinking about becoming an author. For some reason, when I graduated from high school, I had lost contact with all of my friends. So, when I reconnected with my old friend A.P., I learned about self publishing. It was no longer a process of putting together a book and spending $1K or more to have it printed. I think paying to have a book published is what is defined as the vanity press of the 80’s.

Now, I self publish. My collection of short stories is out on Smashwords. I recommend Smashwords, hands down, for any author thinking of publishing their work themselves. A Voice From an Inner World is undergoing a revamp, but the first edition is still available. I hope to complete a second collection of short stories, Of Black Holes and Universes, by the end of 2015. It’s not only the reconnection with A.P. that got me going. I discovered Scrivener. Scrivener is a powerful text editing software designed for writers by writer, Keith Blount. I’ve written an article about Scrivener on HubPages. The article includes an interview with Keith.

Though I’d already started on the road to becoming a writer, the discovery of Scrivener became the true catalyst to initiating that quest. I know that for any writer not using Keith’s very useful writing tool, they’re missing out. You can even get Scrivener on Amazon for Windows and for Mac. The home for Scrivener is on Literature and Latté. Don’t forget about Novel in a Day (NIAD), we meet up on Literature and Latté once a year.

Speaking of Novels Written in a Day

NIAD is one of my most anticipated events during the year. This year’s event was no less thrilling. Finally, I’ve done what was going to happen, inevitably. I’ve written a hub about Novel In A Day. The most important part of the article (hub) is the interview with Pigfender, the man behind the mirrors, so-to-speak. The hub of NIAD activities is on Literature and Latté, the home of Scrivener.

I’ve been posting links to my articles in hub pages on my blogger page. There are four novels now in the series. Four novels that represent four years of fun that is over all too soon. Take a moment to download your copies so you can see the culmination of all the effort.

Hopefully, I’ll see you for next year’s NIAD event.

book covers four years 01

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