by Arachne Enterprises

Montrée Whiles just submitted a short-short to WD Your Story Competition (“Bobo and the Coconut Tree” short-short version) . In work are: “Bloodily Discharged” (moving along slowly), “Pumpkin Head” (not moving very much), “The Wind Time” (not moving at all), The Need for Sleep (not moving), and “Graduation Day” (not moving at all). “Of Black Holes and Universes” is the next short story collection. I’ve recently added the longer version of Bobo and the Coconut Tree to it.

In work for Satine Steele is, “The Mountain Wilds.” This will end up being int The Short Story collection I hope to have out in fall.  An idea on the table is a single mom with a black belt in martial arts.

Rabiyah Hamnach is making head way on “Adrianna.” Up to chapter 6 with about 6K words per chapter. This is all very rough pending the first major revision.

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