Just Stoppin’ By

by Arachne Enterprises

Thought I’d wander in to say hi.  I am coming down from an NIAD high.  NIAD aka, Novel in a day, is a fun day I’ve spent about this time of year as far back as 2011.  About 25 authors around the globe get together to do what was, until now, impossible.  We produce a novel in the span of one day.  Yes, that’s one day read 24 hours.

cover imageYou’ll find this year’s efforts, here, 2013.

I found this year’s effort to be the most fun yet, the most easy to do and the best organized.  I think this has been a learning experience for both the writers and the organizer, the amazing Pigfender.

We hold our meetings on Literature and Latté in the forum area.  I found this quite by accident two years ago when I decided to get serious about writing.  I had just discovered Scrivener software software and was doing a bit more research on it.  So, while tooling way in the forum, I stumbled upon NIAD, as we fondly call it.  So, since then I’ve looked forward to the annual day of camaraderie, lobbed humour, and secret plots.  You’ll recognize my avatar below (or one similar) when you visit the forums.

the fool avatar AMontrée Whiles

Previous efforts are found here, 2012 and 2011.

As for my current writing efforts, they’ve been a bit on hold.  Rabiyah is still working on Adrianna, though rather slowly.  Works by Montrée and Satine are all but on hold.  Real life has been a bit of a pisser of late and I’m working fast and furiously around broken crowns and visual challenges to get back on track.