Squidooing It

by Arachne Enterprises

I signed up for a Squidoo account February 5 of this year.  I’ve been looking for an outlet for writing that may also be a source of a few nickles and dimes.  It never hurts to dream, right?  So far, I’m liking Squidoo.  I’ve made 10 lenses (articles) with only one having been locked (soon to be remedied).  Currently I don’t write to a specific niche.  Join Squidoo yourself to scratch your writer’s itch.

1.   Dark Shadows by Grace DeLuca A Book Review

2.   Keeping Track of Passwords

3.   The Little Things of Love

4.   10 Amusing Things About Aging

5.   The King’s Speech A Movie Review

6.   Southwestern Soft Tacos A Recipe

7.   Room on the Broom A Book Review

8.   Lap Gear Media Lapdesk A Product Review

9 .  Wireless USB Adapter A Product Review

10. Bottle to Pen: B2P A Product Review


11. Long Shadows A Book Review

12. Wilting Lily or Melting Mama

13. Salsa, ‘Nuff Said A Recipe

14. Taco Soup A Recipe

15. Business Writing

16. Dune A Book Review

17. Not-So-Irish Shepherd’s Pie A Recipe

18. Equilibrium:  A Review A Movie Review

19. A Quare Green Day, It Is A St. Pat’s Scribble

20. Kristin Lavransdatter:  A Review A Book Review

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Check out lenses 11-30 here and 21-40 here.  The post is updated as a lens is posted.