Even Squids Have to Sleep

by Arachne Enterprises

In a brief, very brief, update on things in the writing world of Arachne Enterprises, here’s the scoop.  Squidoo is my ongoing writing effort.  It keeps me putting pen to paper while my various stories and books ruminate and congeal.  My current book of short stories, A Voice From An Inner World, will soon have a mate, Of Black Holes and Universes.  In the upcoming collections of stories, the focus will be on intro pieces for the novels / novellas I’m working on. Of course, I’ll throw in a few completely off the wall stories as well.  FYI, the shorts related to books will include bits from Satine Steele, Rabiyah Hamnach, and Montrée Whiles.  I’ve been working on the short story intro for, The Need For Sleep [working title], a mystery story.  Have you considered writing for Squidoo?  Then, click this link now.