A Chat and a Cuppa with Author Erica Miner

by Arachne Enterprises

Today’s visit is with Erica Miner, author of novel, Murder in the Pit.  Take a moment to read the full interview on Squidoo.

I read this book as soon as I could get my hands on a copy.  I had seen it promoted in an eMag over a year ago and knew I just had to read it.  I’ve always appreciated classical music, opera and other artistic presentations.  Having been in the trenches, Erica’s writing reflects that rich culture and its influence.  While reading this clever mystery, I could just as easily been sitting in a seat at the Met, her writing style is that visual.  The pace is quick and there’s sweet romance (if not a little terse in places), and most importantly a knotty puzzle to unravel.

How do you keep yourself motivated to write? Writing is my passion; there’s nothing else I love to do quite as much. So motivation is not usually a problem. I just have all these stories to tell. Why wait?  Erica Miner, see full interview.


author image 01Violinist turned author ERICA MINER has had a multi-faceted career as an award-winning author, screenwriter, arts writer and lecturer. A native of Detroit, she studied violin with Boston Symphony Orchestra concertmaster Joseph Silverstein at Boston University, where she graduated cum laude, the New England Conservatory of Music, and the Tanglewood Music Center, summer home of the Boston Symphony, where she worked with such celebrated conductors as Leonard Bernstein. Erica went on to perform with the prestigious Metropolitan Opera Orchestra for twenty-one years, working closely with much-respected maestro James Levine and numerous other luminaries of the opera world.

After retiring from the Met Erica studied screenwriting in Los Angeles with screenplay gurus Linda Seger and Ken Rotcop, winning awards in such recognized screenplay competitions as Santa Fe and the Writer’s Digest. Erica’s debut novel TRAVELS WITH MY LOVERS won the Fiction Prize in the Direct from the Author Book Awards. Subsequent published novels include the first in Erica’s FOUREVER FRIENDS novel series chronicling four teenage girls’ coming of age in the volatile 60s. Her suspense thriller MURDER IN THE PIT, a novel of assassination and intrigue at the Metropolitan Opera, has won rave reviews across the board.

Erica’s seminars and workshops have received kudos throughout the west coast and on the high seas, where she has earned “top-rated special lecturer” status for Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines. Lecture topics include “The Art of Self- Re-invention,” “Journaling: the Write Way to Write Fiction,” “Solving the Mystery of Mystery Writing,” and “Opera Meets Hollywood.”

Talk to us about your cover: I really love what my publisher did with this. The images embody the title so aptly: ‘Murder In The Pit’ – a conductor, a musical excerpt. It says it all, and quite elegantly I think.  Erica Miner, see full interview.

Synopsis and Bio used with permission from Author Erica Miner.


book cover 01On the night of her first performance at the Metropolitan Opera, prodigious young violinist Julia accepts two gifts from her mentor, Maestro Abel Trudeau: a jeweled violin pin and a song dedicated to her. Then her world comes crashing down around her when an assassin’s bullet strikes down Abel on the podium, and Julia’s close friend and colleague Sidney is accused of the murder. Despite her grief and compelling evidence pointing to Sidney’s guilt, Julia resolves to clear Sidney’s name.

In her quest to find the real murderer Julia teams with opera-loving NYPD Detective Larry, enlists support from tenor understudy Charles and head stagehand Matt, and encounters resistance from Matt’s disagreeable assistant Frank. But when toppling scenery barely misses crushing her and threatening notes appear on her music, Julia begins to sense genuine danger. Through a series of other shocking revelations, including her discovery of Matt’s bludgeoned body stuffed in an opening in the pit wall, Julia realizes she may have unknowingly placed her life in jeopardy and must use all of her resources to save her own life.

Murder In The Pit shines an unforgiving light on the jealousies, rivalries, backstabbing intrigues and neurotic machinations behind the scenes of a prestigious opera house. With an insider’s view that only an experienced musician can provide, the author reveals the dark side of a world that most opera buffs can merely imagine.

Who is your favorite character:The protagonist, Julia, represents myself as a young violinist in many ways, both in background and personality. That said, I’m quite fond of the villain – whom I’m not naming because I’d like everyone to read the book 😉 Erica Miner, see full interview.

Synopsis and Bio used with permission from Author Erica Miner.


As an arts writer, Erica is an active contributor to:

Opera Pulse
LA Opus
US BachTrack
Erica also penned a monthly “Power of Journaling” article series for the National Association of Baby Boomer Women newsletter.

Other writings have appeared in Vision Magazine, WORD San Diego, Istanbul Our City, and numerous E-zines. Details about Erica’s novels, screenplays and lectures can be found on her website.




Synopsis and Bio used with permission from Author Erica Miner.