Friday Fourplay: Thailand’s Rolled Ice Cream, Cool-Sip Metal Mugs, SXSW’s Kwik-E Mart Food Truck, and Fried Frog Burgers

by Arachne Enterprises

That ice cream is the perfect reason to make a trip to Thailand.

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I Want To Be Friends With This Ice Cream Vendor

As far as videos that 1. involve the sale of ice cream and 2. get better every time I view them,  the collection is growing. You might remember the gentleman in Istanbul who served up ice cream cones with generous sprinklings of dexterity and panache. Now I find this one out of Thailand. Yes, it’s true that neither the YouTube video above nor the process of rolling freshly made ice cream are new to the planet, but this video serves me irrefutable proof that perhaps U.S. vendors need to step up their game with regard to presenting their wares with style.

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Hot Lips Cool Lips

In the Snow Peak…

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