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Speaking of Novels Written in a Day

NIAD is one of my most anticipated events during the year. This year’s event was no less thrilling. Finally, I’ve done what was going to happen, inevitably. I’ve written a hub about Novel In A Day. The most important part of the article (hub) is the interview with Pigfender, the man behind the mirrors, so-to-speak. The hub of NIAD activities is on Literature and Latté, the home of Scrivener.

I’ve been posting links to my articles in hub pages on my blogger page. There are four novels now in the series. Four novels that represent four years of fun that is over all too soon. Take a moment to download your copies so you can see the culmination of all the effort.

Hopefully, I’ll see you for next year’s NIAD event.

book covers four years 01


Life Keeps Me Busy

Between work, social media and the rest that real life throws in my direction, I have been MIA from wordpress for a while. Since moving with my work place to temporary digs for about four and a half months and then moving back, I’ve had a number of things on the home front to deal with as well. BION, I’m still experiencing side affects from the surgery, minor ones, but they are there all the same.

I had a local storefront for about four months until the cafe closed down, so I’m working to set up a storefront on storenvy. Storenvy is the best online storefront platform I’ve come across since starting down that road.

I’ve started an account on Tsu, a revenue sharing site, see the post below for more information. The member short code would be ArachneaENTs.  It never hurts to have a few passive earning sources in place.

I have a nice start for hubs (articles) on Hubpages. I’m working a few more to publish this week, hopefully. I’ve revived my blogger account and am currently using it to post information on my hubs and a few other things.

Work is my biggest time thief. I need to set the dogs on him so I can bring him to justice. Changes are in the air, politically and seasonally. The holidays are here. I wish everyone enjoyment in the way they choose. I’m not much of a holiday sort even for the ones I feel obligated to enjoy, but I do at least do something significant for the latter.

Be well, everyone, and enjoy life.

Tsu Revenue Sharing Opportunity

Check out this revenue sharing site. Passive income can’t get more passive than this. I find it the perfect place to post information about my pottery and books and hubs and anything else I want to post about. I don’t plan to put a lot of time into fiddling with it either.

Tsū is a free social network that shares its revenues with its users and those that invited them into tsū. It’s just the right thing to do. Learn more by clicking the link below.

The member short code would be ArachneaENTs.

Check Out My Hubs

I’ve settled in nicely to HubPages and am enjoying the new community. Finally, I’ve gotten some of the old lenses converted over to HubPages. Check them out here.

It’s almost time for NIAD (Novel In A Day) again. There are still spaces open. Check it out here.

Hubbin’ It Isn’t So Bad At All

My lenses* were moved over on the 8th. I’ve not started getting them up and going yet. Twelve hub**s. That’s right. I have 12 hubs up. Some were lenses I brought over manually and the others are new hubs. HubPages is great. My experience at Squidoo trained me well. This unexpected turn of events can only be to my benefit, at least it has been so far. Check out my hubs.

Hospice training took up my last weekend. Clay will take up the coming weekend. Since my surgery, I’ve turned to flab. All that fat and muscle I sported before is nowhere to be seen. So, I’m flabby now. I’ve got an appointment at the gym tomorrow for an evaluation. Just what I need, another black hole for time.

Just as I’m constantly having one thing or another crop up to devour what little free time I have, it seems I’ll never shake having to put in the 9-5 every day. But, at least the mystery of what I’ll be doing as of the 1st of October has been solved. I’ll be moving to another team in the same department. Just so you know. The department dropped the bomb last May that all but two positions would be going away. Yikes, like I really gave a ratz patootie anyway.

It’s been on the top of my list to transfer to another department for a while. I want scrubs and sneakers back in my life. I”m tired of having to cobble something together in the morning to wear to work. Dress codes suck, except when I’m going to the symphony. But, then here, people even where flip-flops to the symphony. Go figure. I want a night shift and I would prefer to be on the main campus instead of an outlying building. At least the digs will be nice when I move over.

I guess now you have the picture that my life has been a little topsy-turvy of late. The bills from the surgery have hit. Summer is almost over. The car is threatening to go on the blink at any moment. The good thing in all this chaos is that my sticking to getting the maintenance done. Afterall, it’s what my rent pays for, right. Even that eyesore of a refrigerator was replaced. I guess going to the BBB when neither the corporate or leasing offices seem to be rallying will get you everywhere.

Hope all is copacetic in your neck of the woods. Two recommendations for you before I sign off. One, HubPages, and two, StorEnvy. My blogger could use some love as well, please give it a follow.

*A lens is an article posted to Squidoo.
*A hub is an article posted to HubPages.

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